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Discovering the Benefits of Plantains

What is plantain? What is the benefits of plantains?

Plantains are a very important fruit for a vegan diet. Plantain is a fruit that is often confused with banana. This fruit, which has a very high protein value, is one of the most important foods for vegan nutrition. The most basic feature that distinguishes the appearance of plantains from bananas is that they are greener and larger in size. Plantains taste like sweet potatoes. You can consume this fruit by cooking it just like sweet potato. You can adapt your sweet potato recipes with plantains.

Is plantain same as banana?

Unlike a banana-like shape, plantains taste very different from bananas. Plantains have rather thick crusts. For this reason, you may have difficulty when you want to peel. If you’re going to buy a very green-looking banana, it may be helpful to ask the seller if those are banana. Plantains are very different from bananas, as are their taste and texture.

You can eat the banana directly without cooking, but you have to cook the plantains. You can use plantains not only in your breakfast, but also in delicious dinners. Plantains can be eaten deep-fried, steamed, baked or grilled. In many vegan recipes, you need to consume plantains by cooking them. If plantains are boiled while their skins are green, it may take up to half an hour to soften, and take less than 10 minutes after ripening. It can be consumed boiled by adding vegetable-based oil and sugar.

Which is healthier banana or plantain?

Although the comparison of plantains and bananas is often made, it should be noted that these two fruits are similar only in appearance. Both fruits have different nutritional values. The sugar content is very low compared to bananas. Harvest time is a little earlier than normal bananas. It is short in stature, thick and plump. Peeling is more difficult than a banana. We can say that plantains are healthier than bananas, thanks to the high amount of vitamin C and nutritional value they contain.

What does plantain do for the body?

Plantain is an important food for anyone with a vegan diet. The popularity of plantains, which was consumed only in the local regions where it was produced in the past, is increasing day by day. This rare fruit, which has high fiber and low sugar content, has many positive effects on health. Plantains are also a very suitable food for those who do sports and want to eat healthy. Even one plantain, which contains a high amount of vitamin C, can meet most of your daily vitamin C needs. Plantains also have immune-boosting and disease-protective effects against many ailments.

Does plantain have side effects?

Plantains can have many benefits as well as some disadvantages that need attention. When plantains are eaten in excess, they can cause effects such as diarrhea and low blood pressure. If you are going to eat plantains for the first time, you should also be careful about allergic reactions. The way the plantain is cooked also affects its nutritional value. Consuming too much plantains that are cooked at high temperatures or prepared with high amounts of sugar will do more harm than good to your body.

Is it good to eat plantain everyday?

Its plantains become a juicy fruit when ripe. But they also contain starch. Therefore, this fruit should be consumed by cooking. When we evaluate it in terms of calories, plantains contain high calories. Plantains contain a lot of protein, vitamin A and iron. If we evaluate all the features of plantains, you can consume plantains every day, but not too much.

What are the health benefits of plantains?

Due to its low sugar content, plantains can generally be used as vegetables, not fruits, in kitchens. It is reminiscent of root vegetables when cooked in flavor. Starch content is high. After slicing, it can also be fried or boiled. You can create delicious vegan recipes using plantains. Coconut water will also suit your plantain-containing recipes.

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