Vegan Recipes

Mushroom Sauteed

vegan mushroom recipe

300 grams of mushrooms

1 sweet green pepper

1 sweet red pepper

1 small onion

1 teaspoon of tomato paste

2 pinches cumin

3 tablespoons of oil

1 pinch of black pepper


Let’s peel the shells of our mushrooms and clean them with a napkin.

Chop the washed mushrooms so that they are not very small. If it is cut small, it will shrink even more as it cooks. Those who don’t like small should chop big before cooking 🙂

Then, after our onions are peeled, cut them in half lengthwise and then cut the two halves in half and chop them finely.

Then chop the peppers too, not too big.

Add oil to the pan and fry the onions.

Add tomato paste to the roasted onions, mix and add the chopped peppers. After it softens a little, add the mushrooms.

Add salt and spices, mix gently.

We do not add water because the mushroom will release its juice. Cook until the mushrooms have absorbed their own juices.

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