The Energizing Delight of Vegan Ice Cream For Fresh Summer Days

Easy Vegan Ice Cream Recipe
Our search for a light and fresh taste in hot summer weather always ends with a bowl of vegan ice cream. This sweet taste, which makes our conversations more enjoyable, offers special options for vegan diets with many flavors and recipes. Thanks to the increasing number of dairy free ice cream brands, we can easily reach this product. Although my favorite ice creams are usually fruity ones, I also love to consume vegan ice creams made with plant based milk.

Non dairy ice cream, which can also be a meal alternative that will give you energy in the middle of the day in summer, is a snack that you can consume without guilt. Sustainable production method and being made from nature-friendly foods also give happiness. If you want to add some fun to hot days and share this flavor with your friends, you should definitely try the vegan ice cream recipe at home. As my little tip, don't forget to add some fresh mint leaves to every recipe for a fresher ice cream.

Best Vegan Ice Cream Recipe
Anyone who eats vegan is looking for the best vegan ice cream recipe for hot summer evenings. While the best ice cream will vary by taste, there are many healthy and plant-based recipes that everyone will love. I will share many of these with you for you to try over the summer. Although the flavors vary according to the taste, the general features of a good ice cream are similar. The most important of these is that the ice cream has a creamy texture. A dairy free ice cream with a creamy and soft texture is pleasant both to serve and to eat. Another of the most important features that should be in the recipe you apply is that the flavor balances are provided correctly.

For example, in a dairy free ice cream that you will prepare using watermelon and mint, you do not want the mint flavor to be dominant or too little. The sugar ratio you will use in your recipe is also very important for the best vegan ice cream recipe. An ice cream high in refined sugar will be unhealthy and will disturb you in terms of taste. The other element you should look for in the recipe is that it is a practical recipe that can be prepared in a short time with easily available ingredients.

What Are The Vegan Ice Cream Flavours?

Vegan ice cream flavors are getting more and more diverse. The most popular vegan ice cream varieties are vegan ice cream options with chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, coconut and watermelon. There are also vanilla and vegan caramel ice cream options. You can also find many dairy-free ice cream options with fruit or plant-based milk.

What are vegan ice cream made of?

Vegan ice cream is a type of ice cream made from plant-based ingredients and produced without using any animal-based products. Vegan ice cream is a type of ice cream that is very close to ordinary ice cream in terms of texture and flavor and is suitable for a vegan diet. It is suitable for those who follow a dairy-free diet as it does not contain any dairy products.

If vegan ice cream is to be made with milk, it is made using plant-based dairy products. If you are going to make dairy free ice cream at home, you can use milk such as almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk or oat milk. These milks give your ice cream a creamy texture and are used in milk ice cream varieties.

Regular sugar can be used in vegan ice cream, but this will make your ice cream heavier and unhealthy. Instead, you can use fruits such as strawberries, bananas, dates. Or you can add more natural sugar ingredients like honey, maple syrup, molasses and coconut sugar to your ice cream. If you want a dense ice cream, you can use some thickening products. Carob gum is one of these healthy thickeners. Vegan ice cream brands also benefit from different thickening products. If you are a careful consumer about product ingredients, you can review your ingredient list while buying ice cream.

You can add vanilla extract, coconut powder, vegan cookie dough, caramel sauce, or various candies to add flavor to your dairy free ice cream. You can use chocolate sauces and fruit sauces for topping your ice cream, and add nuts and chocolate chips for a crunchy texture. If you are going to buy these products in packages, you can read the content and check whether it is vegan.

Why is vegan ice cream better?

Vegan ice cream is healthier than other ice creams because it consists entirely of vegetable ingredients. However, you should also be careful that the ingredients you add to the dairy free ice cream do not have a high sugar content. A high-sugar vegan ice cream can be very high-calorie and harmful to those on a sugar-free diet. Vegan ice cream is basically a vegetable-based alternative ice cream. This ice cream, which is a nice snack for vegan and vegetarian diets, can be preferred for those who do not eat vegans because it is delicious and healthy. It is a product that anyone who adopts a more ethical and sustainable diet can consume with pleasure.

Another advantage of ice cream is that it is suitable for those who follow certain diets. For example, people with lactose intolerance who cannot consume dairy products can easily consume this ice cream. Since the milk used in vegan ice cream is plant-based, the saturated fat rate is also lower. It will also be a lower alternative in terms of cholesterol. It is also suitable for those who do not like sugary diets, as many vegan ice cream brands use natural sweetening ingredients and use natural sugar instead of added sugar. The taste of vegan ice creams is quite different from milk and animal based ice creams.

Along with all this information, you should also consider that all dairy free ice creams may not be 100% healthy and natural, depending on the usage rate and the way of use of the ingredients used in each brand and recipe. When purchasing vegan ice cream, you should definitely review the ingredient list.

Ice cream is not just healthy for consumption. At the same time, it represents the awareness of sustainable environmentalism in the production part, as traditional dairy production follows a different process from farm production. It reduces the carbon footprint left to nature. It provides less water and energy usage. It contributes to a healthy food production process for the world. Since it is against animal exploitation, it is suitable for the diet of anyone who adopts a lifestyle that respects animals and nature.

What’s the difference between vegan and normal ice cream?

Vegan ice cream has a slightly different flavor than traditional ice cream. The reason for this is that it does not contain milk and milk-containing products, which are the most basic products. But that doesn't mean vegan ice cream tastes any worse. First of all, ice cream provides comfort to your body in terms of digestion as it does not contain milk-derived lactose. It has a milder flavor. Due to the increasing production of vegan products in recent years, the taste of dairy free ice creams has started to be produced very close to traditional ice cream.

The taste of each vegan ice cream may differ depending on the vegan ice cream recipe and the density of the ingredients used. While the taste of ice creams with fruit and natural sweeteners may be more refreshing and light, the taste of vegan ice creams with cookie dough, chocolate chips and caramel sauce may be heavier for you. You can discover the ice cream that suits your taste by trying different ice creams of different ingredients and brands to find the taste of vegan ice cream that suits you best.

Is vegan cream healthier than normal?

The reason why vegan ice cream is healthier than ordinary ice cream is due to factors such as the products, production methods and nutritional preferences. First of all, ice cream has lower content of saturated fat and cholesterol. This is because milk-based creams are high in fat. There are high amounts of vitamin E and healthy fats in ingredients such as coconut or almond cream used in the content of dairy free ice cream. These ingredients may differ and have different values ​​for each plant-based dairy product. 

In addition, ice cream is suitable for users with sensitivities such as milk allergy and lactose allergy. However, there may also be those who are allergic to the various nuts that can be found in dairy ice cream. You should check the content and nutritional values ​​of the vegan ice cream you will buy against all possible sensitivities. Because the production form and content of all vegan ice creams are not the same. In this case, you should be careful against ice creams with processed products and additives at a level you do not want.

The Energizing Delight of Vegan Ice Cream For Fresh Summer Days

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 5 min Total Time 15 mins
Servings: 4



  1. Put the strawberries and bananas in a container and freeze them in the refrigerator. But be careful not to be too rigid.
  2. If it has solidified, remove it from the freezer and let it thaw at room temperature for 5 minutes.
  3. Put the fruits through the blender to the consistency of ice cream.
  4. Add almond milk and coconut oil to the mixture and mix a little more.
  5. You can consume the vegan ice creams you have prepared by decorating them with cocoa particles and pistachios. Enjoy your meal.
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